Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Return of the DJ Vol. 6 coming Soon

Look who got to work on the album cover to Return of the DJ Volume 6...

Back in 1997-2000 (something) I used to buy as much stuff from Bomb Hip-Hop records that I could get my hands on. I was just so fed up with the radio, this was my escape to dopeness. Everything from the Return of the DJ series to solo projects from DJ Disk to Shortee or DJ Faust I supported to the fullest. I remember wanting to be a turntablist so bad, I couldn't fork up the money because I was buying computer equipment to be the graphic artist I am today, LOL. While friends were buying turntables and mixers, I was buying my first Apple G4 and software to make my dream happen. I think it paid off. Doin' what I get to do and contributing to labels like Bomb Hip-Hop is my way of giving back.

When Dave Paul hit me off asked me if I wanted to work on the new cover for Return of the DJ I was speechless. Growing up buying the series (at least the 1st 3 volumes, I was broke after that lol) and looking mainly at the cover art, I never thought I would have the chance to contribute. I had to think about it too, I didn't wanna fuck it up and turn in jibberish ya' know. My design route was the old school route to contribute taking a page out of Wild Style but flipping it for The Return of series. I wanted to use a mixture of rich bright colors and bold grafitti to get that point across. Return of the DJ volume 6 should be out in a few months... look for it!

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