Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Warriors in Full (GSoM Night 7)

I'm taking a BIG risk, (on a printer quality perspective) but this is well worth it! I've always done sign designs for Warrior games using Vector images. Using Adobe Illustrator, the final product is crisp and clear free from pixels and fuzziness. But this... I had to do it on Photoshop, make sure the resolution was calibration settings were perfect and I had to rep it right. Yea, it'll be a little pixelated and blurry but at 19x24 in size... this'll do the job during opening night. Stephen Curry and Anthony Randolph are 2 Warriors I am really excited about. What better way to start the season than with a classic cover from Eric B. and Rakim redesigned for Warrior Fans. Don't forget to holler opening night at the Oracle, it's GSoM Night 7 and I'm mad stoked!

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