Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now taking Pre-orders: "Back to the Hotel 2"

It's back! The sequel to "Back to the Hotel!" Wait?! This is a shirt?! Hotel 2 drops November 27th... Yes, Black Friday!

Just in time for the holidays... if you missed out on the first run of "Back to the Hotel" shirts, here's your chance for the second round. Rather than reprint the same shirts, I wanted to freak it as a sequel like a certain famous movie... I got mad love for the Bay Area. I wanted to do something different and this is just the beginning. I love reading catchy Hip-Hop quotables on shirts and feel that there just isn't enough Bay Area flavor right now. Hopefully this will get things started. Again, the shirts are limited on hand and are not available anywhere but from me. For more information, hit me up on the e-mail tip!

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