Friday, November 13, 2009

"PM Flight" sighting in Egypt

Big ups to my good friend Ryan in Solano County for sending me this wonderful picture from his vacation overseas. What a view! I truly appreciate it brother and that's what it's all about! You know, that PM Flight shirt is one of my favorite shirts. I sold just about all of them but unfortunately, didn't see too many pics of folks rocking it. This is great, I'm glad you see the humor in my ideas, this was a really fun project!


  1. Well, I just had to be different from all the other pics you've had posted with friends wearing this T-shirt. Not everybody can see the Pyramids in person!


  2. I'm glad you had fun and packed one of my designs in your suitcase! It's time 2 save up! I wanna go see the pyramids!

    Hey tell your friends, I'm bringing back the Pac-Man Flight shirts in March... gonna make sure I don't run out like last time! Its too much of a fun shirt to pass up and not supply the demand!

    Also- I have holiday shutdown after the 24th, lets hook up for some illustrator lessons!

    Happy holidays bro!