Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nerdg@ng: My favorite new label.

My newest client Jason and his family came by the studio this week. Jason and another associate started a new clothing label called "Nerdg@ng." Here's a sample of the crown/glasses logo I designed for them. Within the past few weeks I've come to really enjoy their motto of helping us getting our "inner nerd out!"

Breaking bread with Jason yesterday, I could see that we both have a ton of stuff in common from video games, movies, food and other things. Just imagine of a client who has way too much love for video games, amongst other things in a nerd like sense - cross paths with a graphic artist that has the same taste as a gamer and so fourth? I've taken a personal interest in their business because we share the same hobbies, so I can relate a little more faster with them in terms of their design needs. You guys are in for a treat the next few months and I hope we can collaborate in the future!

About "Nerdg@ng:" Everyone has a little nerd in them. We are here to help you get your inner nerd out. Visit their website at and "Like" they're Facebook page.

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