Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Fhraecus" - My first clients 14 years ago

"FHRAECUS" stopped by the studio! They were my first EVER clients back in 98'! "Beta Central" (left)
"Tony (no ".psd" at the time) and "Aroen" (right) - 14 year reunion on Valentines day!

What?! This is a special treat - my classmates from high school who were also the first clients that hired me as a graphic designer swung by the studio unexpectedly today! It's been 14 long years since I saw any of these cats perform live - This underground hip-hop collective was known to the world as "Fhraecus." Their style? These guys were on that nerdy, backpack, spaced out underground vibe, lol! As a whole, they did good things creatively and was honored when Ron swung by my house and said "Tony, we need you to do our cassette album cover." (yes, I said cassette) Being that they were my first clients, it was an exciting time. I was looking for experience and I was doing something that was not homework! 14 years later... man, just happy to reconnect, share war stories and break bread on future endeavors. Big things for all of us - A creative mind is a terrible thing to wast and we're living it up.

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