Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spotlight: collaborating with Jess Ography

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with my friend Jess. She's been doing photography for about the same time I've been designing and selling my shirts. I saw it fit for both of us to collaborate, to help one another and learn. We're both so young in our professions that collaborating ideas was only right. I think Jess did a fantastic job with the photo shoot. She captured my personality and the fun behind my shirt designs. One of the reasons why I wanted to work with her was seeing her passion in taking pictures. She's fun, animated and full of excitement. It reminded me when I first started my career as a Graphic Artist. Somewhere through the years, I lost that fun and excitement. Collaborating on this shoot brought me back to passion of just doing what you love best and having fun.

You can check Jess Ography via her Twitter page, Facebook page and her personal website. Enjoy!

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