Thursday, April 21, 2011

Official: B3ast Mode Photo shoot

My "B3ast Mode" photo shoot was taken last Friday, April 15th in San Jose, CA. Jess Ography conducted the shoot and I wanted to model my newest shirt design. Last July I was 290 pounds and got warning signals from my doctor. I joined the gym last october and with the help of a trainer and my family I was able to shed 45pounds! The ultimate goal: drop 100 pounds. "Beast Mode" signifies that determination because there isn't a workout I put 110% into.

Special thanks to Jess for making this photo shoot happen. Your pics are great! I just love how the blue of the shirt commands your attention. I had a great time, you captured my fun personality and the humor behind my shirts. I couldn't thank you enough! Check out all of the "Beast Mode" pictures via Photobucket. Enjoy!

You can check Jess Ography via her Twitter page, Facebook page and her personal website.

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