Saturday, May 21, 2011

Celebrating Post 400

Celebrating 400 posts with Tony.psd... that's a lot of designing.

400 posts. I remember when I posted my first one. It was January 2009 and I was fed up with my old "" website. It was a headache maintaining and updating. There were (on occasion) broken links and missing images. By the start of 2009 I just gave up on the site. A friend told me to start a "blog site" mentioning it was super easy to set up and navigate. Do your daily design and when your finished, post it on blogger. My blog has come a long way, and it's my outlet of choice in displaying my work. It is definitely easier to post, giving me the time to focus on designing and illustrating. I wouldn't have it any other way and look how far we've come! 400 posts is a lot of creativity, shared fan pics, a show of support and my pride and joy.

There's 3 things I enjoy designing on a creative level: Warriors Basketball illustrations, T-shirt designs and Hip-Hop culture. To this day it hasn't changed. I had a day job, from 9-5 (or whenever the work was done) that was the companies time. But when I got home or was on lunch, I let my imagination run wild. Happy 400 and here's to many more. -Tony.psd

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