Friday, May 27, 2011

My Seattle Trip 2011

When I lost my job last month my brother bought me a plane ticket to visit him and said "come visit me here in Redmond and see if this is a place you'd moving to... there's a lot of job opportunities here." I looked at my visit to Seattle as both business related and for pleasure. On the business end, I had the chance to visit my brothers work over at Microsoft and he gave me insight and a clear understanding to how I could jumpstart my career and explore other opportunities. Through observation, the Job market in Seattle looks strong, housing is affordable and it's clean living here in Redmond. (fresh air and a lot of tree's!)

It was a very unique trip no doubt. My Brother catered to many of my personal interests like street art, comics and local food favorites on the go. We basically went past the typical "hey lets visit the Space Needle" route and enjoyed personal favorites. San Jose will always be home, but Seattle... you never know!

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