Monday, May 10, 2010

We're drawing Taco Trucks! (preview)

How could I pass up the chance to draw a Taco Truck?! Why Not! LOL!

Sorry it's been a second since I last updated the blog. It's been a tad busy as of late. I've been prioritizing a number of things for the better and I gotta admit, things have been pretty good! I'm just blessed things are working out and life's back on track! Anyways, here's a sneak peak of a personal project I'm working on my spare time with my friends over at Mogo BBQ. The initial layout is pretty much set up, now we just gotta add a few bells and whistles, the logo and some color. I think it would be cool rocking a Mogo BBQ truck on a T-shirt! I got a couple other designs in the works as well... this right here is just a sneak peak!

If you haven't tried Mogo BBQ... Follow their tweets on where they will be. There Short Rib sliders are serious business!

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