Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Check us out

Thank you, you and you... Thank you for sharing the fun, the humor and Tony.psd

It's been a second since I displayed fan shots sent from friends and customers. You don't know how much I appreciate seeing these photo's. Just looking back, I remember last year... I was both excited about getting these shirts printed, as I was worried that no one would buy them. "What if" ran through the back of my head like no other! People got the message though, word of mouth spread and after 500+ shirts later, we're still in business. Originally, I wanted to release a summer collection around this time but with the demand of these shirts are still strong. I've decided to resupply this collection to meet the demand. This year, I'm not worried at all. I'm so blessed people see the humor and fun I had visioned from day 1. What became an "inside joke" to a few friends became a buzz for friends outside our circle who wanted to get in on the fun too.

My collection has made it's way around the world... from the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Hawaii, New York, North Carolina, Florida... closer to home: Vegas, San Diego and all over the Bay area. Thank you again for your continued support. My intentions are simple. Have fun, do what you love and look fly.

Best, Tony.psd

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