Thursday, March 4, 2010

Masters of the Philippines

By the power of Manila...!

Parodies... I love em'. Especially when poking fun of my own background culture. I'm influenced by a lot of great designers who have the same common interest as me. As of late I've seen some parodies recycled by other folks who probably saw it from someone else. You know the deal: Biters. Did they do it because the style is out of print? Did they do it for personal gain? Whatever the case is it brings creativity as a pause because some folks are putting stuff out that's already been done.

Moving forward, there's suttle change to my "Masters" concept... brought back some of that He-Man flavor but flipped out the "Universe" with a "Philippines" touch. Think of it as a gesture to our culture. I also used some suttle color changes and used Filipino colors rather than trying to slap the Filipino star somewhere lol. For what it's worth it was a fun project moving forward!

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