Monday, March 15, 2010

Warriors vs. Lakers tonight!

Last game of the season for wifey and I... Tony.psd will be in attendance!

My wife and I have patiently waited for this game. An even bigger treat that it's on National TV via ESPN. (Let's just hope we don't choke!) I think it's been about 3 years since we last saw a Warriors-Lakers game from home. In the past we shared the Season Tickets we had with a big group of friends and of course LA, Cleveland and Boston games ran out first! I played my cards right and finally copped a pair!

The atmosphere is gonna be hype. It seems anywhere LA goes they attract big followings, especially in Oakland. There's a lotta trash talking on both sides and it's just fun to see! With this being the last game of the season for my wife and I, we're coming prepared with some bonis signs. Damn, it felt real good getting back into a positive drawing pattern. Been out of it for months. A lotta that inspiration is coming back. Hopefully one of these signs gets on National TV, that would be legit! See you guys at the game!

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