Friday, July 8, 2011

Cover Art: He's the DJ, I'm the Designer 2 (first look)

Here's a first look at the cover art to "He's the DJ, I'm the Designer" volume 2 featuring DJ Streak of Expressions Entertainment / S.T.A. The concept behind the cover was to capture that 70's art style featuring Power Man and Iron Fist. It was all done in Adobe Illustrator. The fun idea was to have me and DJ Streak as Super Heroes. I wanted the whole package to click... For example, on the bottom left corner: remember when Marvel used Spider-Man's head as a direct market logo, I flipped it and placed our beloved barrel man as a parody. Even on the top left corner of Marvel comics, they'd have those floating heads (I'm assuming to show off the roster) below the price and issue number, I've always wanted capture that idea.

"He's the DJ, I'm the Designer" is a collaboration between dope DJ's in the business teaming up with me and supplying the cover art design and track listing. Be on the look out for it's proper release in the coming weeks!

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