Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First look: G-Mo "Smash" Bronson (Isolated Wax)

I actually worked on this back in December of last year. I've wanted to work with Megabusive and the Isolated Wax Family for a long time. Shit, me and Mega have known each other since 7th grade and I've been following his career since high-school. I'm proud of all those guys- the music they've released and the contributions to Hip-Hop they've made. When Mega approached me to do a cover art project for his Homie G-Mo, I couldn't say no. I'm hoping this would be the first of many projects. The concept was actually really fun: They gave me a sketch of a cartoon and I redrew it on illustrator. How could I say no on a project that had an excessive muscle man crushing a boom box with veins popping out everywhere? Definitely had fun with this one. Look for G-Mo "Smash" Bronson's new album to drop on Isolated Wax Records.

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