Sunday, March 20, 2011

Free Download: Won't Stop - The Remixes

I hope this finds your way into your MP3 player. As many of you know, I dig deep into music store bins for obscure and forgotten classics. Mostly radio singles (many I did not know, had remixes) a lot of these gems were marked down as low as 25 cents. While many have overlooked these past time singles, I'd collect them. You know my steez, "Your loss is my gain." It's been a pleasure and pure enjoyment finding these lost treasures.

Won't Stop: The Remixes features hard to find classics like the "Suspended in time" remix by Group Home feat. Groove Theory or "The Lump Lump" remix by Sadat X feat. Brand Nubian. I'd like to share these tracks with you, collected and unmixed for your listening pleasure. I've been doing these "stop and play" compilations since tapes were around. The last one I compiled was over 4 years ago. It feels good sharing with folks, I hope you enjoy it! As for the cover art... man, you know me- I love Wing Stop! I was looking at the logo and a Puff Daddy song hit me and made me look at the logo a totally different way! Can't stop... Won't stop... enjoy!

Download the complete album here. (via yousendit)
To view the track listing: click here

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