Sunday, February 13, 2011

GSoM Night 10 Recap (part 1)

GSoM Night 10! Everyone that came through and bought a ticket got a free shirt! Good lookin' out everyone!

It's late, I got work at 8am so I gotta keep this short... First off- GSoM Night 10 was a success! We owned section 231! Over 400 folks came through! Thank you for making it a hit! Second, I went with some very good friends- my homie Brian had "dip and dot's" for the first time! When my friend Madison got to his seats (Row 8, upper level) someone was sitting there so he moved found seats at the second row! Lastly, my buddy Jess came through and took my extra tix off my hands 3 hours before tip-off! Hands down the BEST GSoM Night yet! More to come...

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