Sunday, February 20, 2011

"GSoM Night" Shirt designs throughout the years

Each shirt was free with the purchase of a GSoM Night Game ticket. How many of these do you own?

It's been a blessing and a great opportunity to design the GSoM Night commemorative shirts for the past 4 years. If anything, I've learned a lot about the shirt industry, the use of colors, coming up with design ideas and getting feedback from fans. We've never sold these shirts to the public, they were only available free with the purchase of a GSoM Night game ticket during the event. We recently did our last GSoM Night 10 and it was a blast. Getting all of our friends together in big groups at the same section in the arena. Meeting new one and chopping it up with the GSoM community, that's what it's all about. We also got a win that night which made it even sweeter.

Likes and dislikes. My favorite GSoM Night shirts are GSoM Night 3,6, 9 and 10. The 9th event shirt was something else, when I got to the shirt booth folks were fighting over them. (people without vouchers) There were long lines and people who didn't know what GSoM was were begging for a free shirt, lol. I guess I was doing something right! GSoM Night 8 was the most controversial one, lol. Kings fans were PISSED at the "Real Kings of Cali" tag line! By the way, we won that night!

My least favorite shirt designs were GSoM Nights 2, 4 and definitely 5. They were poor design choices on my part. I was so over worked with my day job and my attempt on taking in way too much freelance work that ultimately affected the quality of these shirts. GSoM Night 5 with Nellie on the cover was a bad idea and fans let me know on blog posts and in person. it was a black print on a brown shirt. I do have regrets on that one! My only gripe on the GSoM Night 7 Jersey was the size. A XL size fit like a medium... nuff' said! We have some new surprises coming up for GSoM Night 11!

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