Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Archives: My 1st Warrior drawings 2007

The Barkley drawing (left) had folks rolling during the playoffs. Baron's (right) pumped everyone up at games.

These drawings bring back a ton of good memories. The 2006-2007 Warriors season was the year my wife and I became season ticket holders because we it was a losing season therefore tickets were dirt cheap and it was our new hobby as newlyweds. Than along came Coach Don Nelson, than the big mid-season trade acquisition of Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington (among others) and a trip to the playoff's! I've told this story a million times... in a nutshell, when everyone started bringing home-made signs, I wanted to express myself with the signs I brought to games through my drawings. It's been over 4 years and I'm still doing it! My sign designs have always brought smiles to the fans, the players and the organization. It was always about having fun and coming up with something amusing.

You never forget your first drawings. These were sort of headache's too! Everything from figuring out the skin tone to the colorings being off. It looked good on screen but printed terrible! I didn't have color template set ups, I wasn't sure how dark the shadow tones should be and those first drawings... I was always nervous I couldn't get their faces right! Things are different now of course. It's always fun to look back at past drawings you now consider old school, lol. Enjoy.

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