Friday, February 20, 2009

Warrior Kids / New Sign Format!

Monta Ellis... how can you not look? Big ups to my Homie Chris and his wonderful daughter for representing at this weeks Lakers match up. Kids and signs... a winning combination! So this is my new get up in sign formats... 11x14 which is similar to those "We Believe" signs the Warriors front office gave out 2 seasons ago. (or anything recent they've been giving out) The signs are full color, glossy photo stock prints. (hang it up after the game!) I'm not using foam backboards anymore (cutting costs) and with the current change, it's saving me a lot of money. The format is also small enough to not distract anybody behind me, my old signs were 24x35 and that was hard to stash during games! 11x14 seems small but folks can still notice it. What can I say, times are hard right now... We're still gonna rock signs at the games... just smaller! Rock one of my signs at the game!

1 comment:

  1. Where do I pick that up for my next Warriors game?