Sunday, February 22, 2009

Prints For Sale

It took me some time but I got em' printed out on some glossy prints!

I've wanted to sell my drawings for some time now. I looked into setting up an on-line store but it kind cost a lot of money and time to set. Both of which I don't have right now. So... I found a place here in Suisun that would print my work at an affordable price that I wanted to give back to you guys. I hated spots that charged too much for prints where I could barely make a little extra for me. Now that I've gotten the short print run made, these limited prints run at 11x14 glossy photo stock starting at $15. (I have 8x10 prints as well for $10.) I accept PayPal, cash or check and if you live in the Solano County area or around San Jose, I can make arrangements to meet with you guys so you can waive the $6.00 shipping fee. I'm not looking to get rich with this, LOL... I just wanna have prints available for folks who appreciate my work and of course, make a little extra dough on the side. More prints will be available in the future, if you see something in m work I'm not selling yet, those are available too. These are great for autograph signings, gifts or frame one in your office!

For more info, e-mail me at and peep the on-line flyer. Thanks!


  1. I live in vallejo and that TC print looks dope! I was wondering if you are gonna get any pacman shirts done anytime soon.

  2. Thanks bro! Anytime you need anything, let me know- I'll swing by Vallejo and save you on the shipping! I'll ask the folks if we have any Pac-Manny T's left, they went quick during the last fight!