Thursday, February 19, 2009

Best Kept Secret... CJ Watson

This is long overdue... I can't believe out of all the good folks in our roster I haven't even draw CJ Watson?! Apologies for the disrespect, the kid is nice off the bench and can make the shot when it counts. (not a clutch player... not yet, lol) Before signing with the Warriors, CJ played for The Rio Grande Valley Vipers of the NBA Development League, averaging 26.4 points and 5.3 rebounds. The Dubz saw the talent, signed him and extended his contract throughout this season. So far he's been a pleasant surprise and a fan favorite. Big ups to Marcus Thompson over at Inside The Warriors for the art request. (I hope CJ likes it!)

*Update: CJ Watson is having a Live Chat with Warrior Fans on Friday, February 21st at 1:45pm. Come with your questions because he said he’s ready to give answers!


  1. hey tony what's up? i just found your blog. i've been hanging out with erwin lately. we should all get together sometime. give me a call sometime if you want to shoot around at independence. the courts kinda suck though, 11ft. rims, but i'm right by there. i got a show coming up at black and brown on april 4th.

    cmon, really cj watson? he's not the diamond d of basketball, or even the warriors. it would just be nice if he wouldn't help give close games away with dumbass turnovers, like stepping in on the inbound pass against detroit!


  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... good to hear from you Sean, I've been mad busy the past few months for various reasons. I actually drew CJ for one of the folks for the Contra Costa Times... couldn't pass up the free exposure. CJ has his moments, he just needs more experience!