Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taking a break from Sign designs

2 weeks ago for the Warriors vs. Raptors game I decided to hit up arena without my trusty illustrated sign designs. It had been a tradition I've enjoyed doing for about 3 seasons now. Carry a big sign with something positive to say about the team and hopefully make folks laugh. I can't believe I did this for every game! The players and fans seemed to have appreciated it and I enjoyed doing it on a regular basis. Fun had always been a key word. Sad to say, I'll be taking a time out from this somewhat expensive hobby and just attend games like everyone else. Simply, I've exhausted my funds in producing these poster like designs. They're fun, but expensive, LOL. I'm sure on various occasions I'll sport a fun one or two (Baorn's return to Oracle, Monta's return from injury) It was a tough decision but hey, I'm sure it's only temporary.

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