Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our 9 Year Anniversary

Celebrating 9 years of Anthony and Gemmalyn! I love my wife Gemma very, very much!

This story never gets old. 9 Years ago this girl named Gemmalyn walked into Campbell, CA's Rasputin Music store and meets Tony Robles in the Rap section... letter "G" for (The Grouch of The Living Legends) hoping to find some CD's for her friend down south of LA. She walks out with 2 of the 3 CD's and my heart. 9 years to this day, Gemma and I first met accidentally on a day we had never expected would be our fate. I'm so happy for her coming into the store. We've had our up and downs (mostly ups!) and are happily married now. (3 years going strong) I am so blessed to have Gemmalyn in my life, she's the absolute best!

For todays activities, we'll be cheering our favorite team at the Oracle Arena as the Warriors host against the Los Angelas Clippers on GSoM Night 6! We'll be carrying big ass signs and welcoming Monta Ellis back in the line up! Today is a good day!

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