Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Homies Project: Making em' all Funko Pop's

Personal project I've been working on. "How to draw Funko Pop's." Big Abe has volunteered to be my reference model. He's a big deal in the Import Car Show scene and a very good friend. 
I wanted it to really resemble him so I referenced everything there was on drawing a Pop figure. From the color use, to gradient fills, to the shadows and drawing style. I studied the packaging from top to bottom! Abe is a buff dude so I referenced different Pop's like Luke Cage, Mr. T, John Cena (his camo shorts, lol), I even had to draw a generic car rim on his neck! Definitely a fun project, the plan is to draw me and a lot of my homies as custom Funko Pop's! I might surprise ya'! 

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