Sunday, December 13, 2015

Meeting Harrison Barnes aka "The Black Falcon"

Where do I even begin? Last month I decided to draw Harrison Barnes as a super hero similar to Falcon from the Marvel Comics universe. Us Warriors fans nick named him "The Black Falcon" and I wanted to do something fun. Anyways, he saw the drawing and wanted a copy of the design. Came in contact with someone in the front office that was arranging a meet up and in all honesty, what ever happened, would happened. HB is a busy guy and basketball is their main focus. I was just happy to give him one!

It was the Nuggets game about 2 weeks ago we all got to meet. My wife is a huge fan of Harrison Barnes and I was just happy we both got to meet him. Very friendly and humble guy. I appreciate the kind words and meeting!
Go Dubs!

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