Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year in review: The second half of 2012...

August 2012 I found myself out of luck with my business. Some costly mistakes and lack of inspiration on my part. I was ready to call it quits and close shop. Than my wife told me "don't give up, you're doing this to have fun remember?" Those kind words had me excited again. During the month of August I penciled, scribbled and jotted down new ideas to jumpstart my passion again. The goal: 10 new designs based on personal interests and favorites. Nothing offensive of "controversial." Just a bunch of fun designs.

Now we didn't hit 10 total design but I had fun releasing 8, 4 of which hit multiple reprint numbers. We found new fan bases, our loyal customers returned and many folks were happy with my new designs. I've never been more happier and excited about Tony.psd. It was a lot of hard work pumping everything I had back into the business, and to you, my loyal friends, family and customers - thank you. 2013 is gonna be great. Thanks for a strong finish to 2012!

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