Sunday, June 10, 2012

Recap: LA vacay pics!

My wife and I are very dedicated to our professions. To say the least: we work too much, lol. The last time we took a vacation together was probably 2 and a half years ago. Life's been hectic and at times stressful. Last Thursday my wife told me "Hey, they gave me 4 days off" ...To us, that was a blessing or a hint to do something! So, we booked a 4 day trip to LA, packed our bags and 3 days later flew out to Disneyland for a much needed vacay!

The pics say it all: we had fun, a lot of fun. Sometimes you just gotta enjoy life with the ones you love and we did just that. 3 full days at a different theme park: Disney's California Adventure, Universal Studios and Disneyland! My wife and I are all about working hard, this little vacation was so rewarding!

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