Sunday, June 10, 2012

Coloring Samples by Tony.psd: TMNT

Pencils/Inks by Ryan Ottley. Colors by Tony Robles. "TMNT" created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird

For some time now, I've taken an interest in coloring comics. A few months ago a friend swung by the studio and told me comics were being colored using Photoshop, etc. I spent the past month referencing the use of colors in comics today from cell shading to the traditional style of coloring. Asked a lot of questions from industry favorites (Erik Larsen and Joe Chiodo to name a few) and watched various youtube quick videos for more examples.

With that said, I simply jumped in and got to work. The example you see above was taken from a hi-res black and white illustration by Ryan Ottley. (Invincible, Image comics) Brought it directly into photoshop and began coloring. My thoughts: Its a safe color tone with with complementary shadows in and around the artwork. Although the use of colors is basic, it resembles the cartoon in color ways with a lot of light color tones. While this is my first attempt, there's definitely room for a lot of improvement. The goal now is to develop a style. Thoughts?

To see a hi-res version of the pic, it's saved on my Photobucket page.

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