Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cyber Monday is a wrap!

I'll say it again in regret: I didn't participate in last years Cyber Monday sale event. To tell you the truth I just didn't have any heart last Christmas to sell. I posted a few pictures here and there and nothing moved. That's karma for you, not enough effort - you get poor results in return. This year was different... with Black Friday and Small Business Saturday already a success, if there was one event I did not want to foul up it was Cyber Monday. When the day ended, I achieved 3 things today: 1- My customers saved a lot of money. 2- I did not lose any of my money invested on tripling my inventory. 3- We made money - and that's how a business stays open & succeeds. Marking the entire store down including sales items were a big gamble but n the end, everyone got what they wanted. In the end, after 4 days of selling hard - man, we've established ourselves as a legitimate small business and it feels great! Again, thank you everyone for your continued support. Oh, these packages you see here being processed and sorted shipped out at 7pm today! Happy Holidays.

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