Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First look: New DJ Eternal Cover Art

Last week Dj Eternal (BlackGrapes/Funk Lab/Prolific) broke me off a request for another mix album cover. It was barely 3 weeks since his last mix "Midnight Island Beach Party" was released, lol. Who can complain? The guys been giving me steady work for the past month. His new album is titled "Bounce & Riiddeee To The Boogie Oogie Funk." It's a mix tape that boasts some serious old school funk. When he explained the idea to me I recall DJ E saying "Yo, I want an album cover filled with low riders and me with a zoot suit." LOL, definitely had fun with this one - I referenced a number of Low Rider magazines and looked at the use of colors and to make this pop off with some "old school" flavor. DJ Eternal's got a funny sense of humor and you can really see it in the cover art he approved. Album should be out within the week.

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