Sunday, September 18, 2011

First look: Cork Clothing logo sample

One of 3 logo redesigns for Cork Clothing based out in Solano County, "We got major plug."

I had the opportunity to work with this new and exciting label called "Cork Clothing" based around my area. Their concept was actually a redesign I primarily cleaned up on Adobe Illustrator. Around the logo, the challenge was to make everything come together branding their quirky "We got major plug" tagline alongside their brand name. For this comp, I went with that classic "parental advisory" logo seen in rap albums because it vividly stands out within the white outlined box. Their tagline is definitely a winner, it corresponds and goes hand in hand with the logo depicted on the left.

I'm really happy to have assisted Cork with this small project. It's a stepping stone to many more concepts I hope! Originally, they approached me for design work back in June that didn't work out so well. I was tied up with a nasty dispute vs. our mortgage bank, we ended up putting our house in the market and signed off on a ton of paper work... on top of that, I was interviewing left and right with possible job openings so the time spent on their project was just not their. It wasn't until they saw my studio open and I had set up shop as a full time designer they came back and gave me a second chance. I made it a priority to get this project completed and in the end, I finally delivered.

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Their website is also up, you can check em out at

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