Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cover art: G-Mo "Smash" Bronson

G-Mo "Smash" Bronson cover illustration for Isolated Wax.

Earlier this year Mega Busive from Isolated Wax contacted me to do Geronimo Cross's cover art concept, he wanted it completely done in Adobe Illustrator... how could I resist?! After reviewing the original pencil sketch (which was a clean concept by the way) I proceeded drawing it out on Illustrator. The cover design is 100% vector art giving me the opportunity to do what I enjoy most. I rarely get to use Illustrator for my clients so this truly was a blessing.

Geronimo Cross's G-Mo "Smash" Bronson album is now available on Isolated Wax and features Matt Gamin, Pacoe The Illiterate, Opski Chan, Boxcar Atoms alongside producers Abomination ONE, Mr. AEKS, Barry Bones, 4SE, Dave Aju, Gabre Meden, Massive Intelligence and Tape Mastah Steph.

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