Monday, July 4, 2011

Tony.psd's Birthday Recap

When my wife and mom asked me what I wanted to do on my Birthday, I kept it very simple: On the day of my birthday all I wanted to do was eat some really good pizza ("Pizza My Heart" in Cupertino), take a trip to my favorite comic book store (Legends in Cupertino) and watch Transformer: Dark of the Moon. For dinner that evening my mom threw me a birthday party and invited all of my childhood friends. Just being with all of them brought back a ton of memories. Living in Fairfield these past 4 years had me really home sick. It just felt good hanging out with my brothers.

My birthday celebration was a 3-day event. On Friday we celebrated the grand opening of my friends store: Headliners located in Japan Town, San Jose. We also attended Clout Magazine's "The Get Up Gang: The Usual Suspects" T-shirt Release Party right down the street. Lastly, on Saturday my wife and I attended the NKOTBSB "Once in a Lifetime" concert at the Shark Tank, a Christmas give I had given my wife. From the bottom of my heart, thanks everyone for making this a fantastic birthday celebration!

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