Thursday, June 23, 2011

Important quotes I live by...

I've been collecting inspirational quotes for the past few years. Whether it was something said on tv, read on a publication or simply written on the wall, truth be told those quotes mean something special to me. The 3 that I've listed above have inspired me to take control of my life, career and who I am publicly. Who knows where life will take years from now? For all I know, these 3 quotes represent who I want to be: a dedicated hard worker who loves what he does and has fun at the same time.

Let me break these quotes down for you:

1) I actually got this quote from Conan's last episode on the Tonight Show. It just humbled me as a graphic designer when he said this. It made me realize that I don't have to know everything to get the job done. I too believe that with all of this hard work, amazing things will happen! At the moment, I just consider myself blessed with a lot of positivity around me.

2) My good friend Shannon, shared this quote when I lost my job in April. This quote instantly stuck with me. I've been looking at my career the wrong way! At one point, I grew impatient and frustrated with being the designer I was, ultimately loosing that spark. This past year, I've found my love for design again and the motivation has been very strong. I'm excited, influenced by others and my passion for design is running wild, filled with creativity!

3) This was actually the title of Atmosphere's fourth studio album. Basically, I see it like this... "Have fun in life... don't overwork yourself." It's as simple as that!

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