Sunday, March 27, 2011

"We Believe" The lost pics!

Top: A "We Believe" victory we will never forget. Bottom: with Franco Finn during a GTo TV recording.

A few months ago, my Lacie Hardrive crapped out on me. It's always been a dependable hardrive and one day it just wouldn't power up. I was so bummed out because there were a number of important things in the drive. 1) My wedding pictures 2) design work and illustrations from 1998- 2008 3) My "We Believe" pics from the Warriors 2007 playoff run. I inquired from a number of computer repair shops across the bay area to extract the data but their prices were just way to high for my budget. So, my wife and I went for broke and took the external hardrive apart and transfered the drive into another hardrive case to draw power. The result: we were able to extract the files!

These are just 2 of many "We Believe" pics I'm so happy to have rescued from my dying hardrive. They are memories we'll never forget and a part of Warrior history we're so happy to be a part of. These pics also featured some of my very early Warrior drawings that I started bringing to games regardless of our record after the playoff push. These were some good times at the Oracle Arena! You could see it in the crowd when we celebrated and shocked the world.

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