Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Idea: "Champorado"

I'm starting a new section called "Random Idea" and that's basically what it is. I lot of times when I think of something out the woodworks I jot it down or scribble it on a pen and pad. When I get home, if the idea interests me more, I draw it out on illustrator. It's necessarily not going to be released as a short or anything, it's just my mind brainstorming totally random idea's.

Take for example "Champorado." As a kid, my mom made the best champorado. (sweet chocolate rice porridge in Philippine cuisine) It wasn't sweet or bland, it was just right. I think I ate more champorado than I did cereal as a kid. Honestly, I think it would be hella funny to make this as a shirt, I would totally wear it to the gym! It's an idea I really wanted to see go past the pen and pad. This isn't even the original type case for the "champion" logo but close enough. Definitely a fun idea, if anything I'd totally print one as an iron on and rock it at the gym.

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