Saturday, March 5, 2011

Family First

Christmas 2010: The Robles Family- Al, Dad, Drew, Mom, me and my wife Gem

There was a time when we were younger that the entire family all lived under the same roof. Me and my brother Al went to school and held onto part-time jobs just so we could buy video games, anime, comics and cd's. Our youngest brother was too young to get a job and my mom always reminded us to give him allowance at the time. Back than, there was always room for family time and we always found a way to be together.

As we got older, we started our careers, got married and moved away from the house. Al is out of state and I moved away from San Jose and reside in Solano County. Our folks taught us to be hard workers, contribute to our companies and make a difference. These days if we are lucky, 2-3 times a year you'll find us all together in one roof. No matter how far apart we are, we're all in each others prayers and the moments we're all together, the feeling is great. Family first.

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