Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Warriors vs Lakers Preview

Tony.psd's prediction - Warriors upset: Flawless Victory.

The concept behind this was simple. Lakers at Golden State tonight! These are the games I love going to, our Arena will be filled with thousands of Laker fans. Cheers and boo's on opposite directions. It doesn't get better than this. I was in charge of writing up todays Warriors - Lakers preview for Golden State of Mind and when I thought of this exciting match up (or battle, so to speak) Mortal Kombat came to mind. So I whipped up the player select screen from the game. Redid it entirely since a lot of the images on-line were low resolution. I'll see you at the game tonight! Win or lose, Go Warriors! Follow the open thread on GSoM.

Like the artwork? Download it as Wallpaper art! Warriors exclusive minus the Lakers on this edition courtesy of GSoM and Tony.psd! click here for link (1920 x 1200 in size)

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