Sunday, January 30, 2011

Romeo at the Clippers Game

Legit! My Homie Romeo at Saturdays Clippers game - Photo by Anwar Torres/Clippers Photography

My childhood friend Romeo was at last weeks Clippers - Warriors home game and had the opportunity to meet Stephen Curry. He asked if he could bring one of my signs so I offered him my "Let's go Warriors" sign I did for opening night. Here's a great shot of Curry signing the poster. For those of you that know, when I make my signs for home games it's straight "cookie cutter" style from Kinko's.

Basically, to save money I'd print my 20"x25" in six 8"x10" panels and paste all of them together on a poster foam board. The total cost would be less than $15. At the end of the game I'd usually give it to a kid or something. Now, Costco offers these printing at 20"x30" for $7.99. Those days of rushing to Kinko's for copy and pasting to foam boards are long gone!

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