Friday, March 13, 2009

Lights out with Jamal Crawford

Ive been missing for a hot second... I've been wanting to post up the past few days but have been caught up with some serious deadlines. Half of the stuff I can't even show folks, sooner or later it'll be on the blog! Anybody catch Jamal Crawford shoot lights out this past Wednesday against New Jersey in the fourth... and he did it coming off the bench! While many folks love him and hate him, JC has his moments. I just wish it was as consistent as Wednesdays game throughout all 4 quarters. I gotta give it up to the guy, when he shoots lights out, it's pretty entertaining.

Be on the lookout for more Golden State Folks on the illustrator tip... Randolph, Maggette, Wright, Belinelli, etc... I've taken in so much freelance work as of late (just to get by) I miss having these small drawing sessions giving props to my favorite basketball team. This was for the sake of having a great time out in the drawing boards! Big ups to Marcus Thompson for the extra push in creativity!

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