Saturday, February 7, 2009

Busy, busy, busy on the DL

The Template: Veggie omelette over egg whites, hash browns and wheat toast (a Tony.psd classic!)

Sorry for the delay, I know some of the recent posts have been past projects, I just wanted to post them up and not leave them in the dust. (aka hardrive) I do have a number of projects in the works with Kingdom (2 in que), Halfrica (1 in progress), Warriors sports writer Marcus Thompson (2 in progress) and more events from Shiver Inc... As much as I'd like to show everyone the new stuff... I'm under contract and they're not completely finished. You gotta do, what you gotta do, to get the bills paid. I have some Warriors ideas all bottled up in my head and some random stuff like a new Iron Man drawing I want to get out, but bills come first.

Anyways... if you're in the Napa area, there's this hidden spot called the Boon Fly Cafe. (named for a Carneros pioneer who planted orchards and vineyards in the mid-1800s) They open early in the morning for great coffee, fresh juices and house-baked breakfast items - including our signature Boon Fly donuts. (that's why we go there LOL) Boon Fly is our special little get away. Check em' out!

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