Thursday, January 8, 2009

My desktop can get a little busy...

Rowell and Cohan made a big mistake... ya'll should have let Jessica stay with the Warrior Girls.

Sometimes, I wish my laptop would have identical dual monitors. There's a lot going on in my desktop when I try do work. Thankfully my Mac makes it easy to navigate various tasks like seeing who's on-line in my Instant Messenger or getting quick access to iTunes. Thank goodness for the dock below that displays other applications, that's a plus! Within the coming weeks, I'll be making the switch to Adobe CS4, and there's already a lot of different palettes I use to get my work done... I heard theres gonna be even more perks in the new version! As long as the illustrations remain looking fly, maintaining an organized desktop is like cleaning your room!


  1. You should be, hehe. You got vector imaging down pat!

  2. LOL! I thought about it and a few folks mentioned the same idea. Folks might think I'm a smart robot! Hey, when are we gonna collaborate? :-)

    Hmm.. Can you let me ink your work? You can be Jim Lee and I'll be Scott Williams!