Wednesday, January 7, 2009

GSoM Throwback Jerseys 07-08

When I took stab at designing a throwback GSoM logo for Golden State of Mind's GSoM Night 3 event, I wanted to make sure I respected the architects that created of the original The City logo. Out of all the T's we gave away to our loyal readers that attended GSoM Night's, this is one shirt I'd actually reprint and give to folks. One of my favorite Photoshop sessions, embedding that fun GSoM logo onto Jax and BD's jersey was priceless. The look was convincing enough to have GSoM readers wonder if we were actually selling the throwback jersey!


  1. It was a great game today against the Lakers even though Lakers got lazy in the second qtr to let the Warriors back. One day... I hope to see a Warriors vs Lakers playoff series in the Western Conference Finals!

  2. "I hope to see a Warriors vs Lakers playoff series in the Western Conference Finals..."

    That my friend would be great! Especially with Monta and Andris going Veteran status down the line! Hopefully we'll have a true point guard as well!

  3. Waddup Tone!

    Go Warriors still!

    *ignores Laker fans*

  4. Dude. Tough loss but you know what cheered me up kinda?

    $2.99 Crack in the Back deal with a Jumbo Jack, two tacos and fries.

    I was hungry as hell when I got home. Of course I wanted a Bud's Burger meal but I had to step into reality like taking that Hot Nab Laker Loss and settle for some Bubot in the Butox.

    LOL. jk. (actually that was real. I did eat that and I might wake up from a good dream at 1:37am in the morning and tune into channel 46 to watch Golden Girls reruns.)

    Yo tone...Go Warriors still bro!

  5. By the Way. Nice vintage GsoM jair seas. Is it a tactic to bring Boom back? that be sick and you get all credit for it. Yez!

    *plays N2DEEP and gets hyped*