Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let's get it started for the 09'!

Happy New Year Everybody! To set off 2009, I've decided to cancel my previous website in favor of just using a blogspot site to feature my artwork. This way, folks can directly interact with me and give me feedback on my work. (good, bad, whatever you like!) To set off the new year, I wanted to take a stab at drawing one of my favorite Super Hero Teams from way back when... "The Super Friends!" (courtesy of DC Comics) Everybody from Superman, Aquaman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and The Wonder Twins are represented, (including the Hall of Justice) I really had fun with this one, I just wanted to use a loose style and recreate that old-school cartoon flavor using Adobe Illustrator.

2009 is gonna be a great year... don't forget to wallpaper up the Super Friends on your desktop!

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