Friday, January 30, 2009

The Infamous Lil' Dubz (2007-08 Roster)

A little over 2 years ago, Pharrell of the Neptunes dropped this album called "In My Mind" which didn't gain too much critical success. What did catch a buzz was the artwork for the cover... a block headed like caricature of Pharrell all animated like. It didn't take long for folks to start making their own lil' guys down the stretch which actually was really fun. For me, I actually started drawing a few of the Golden State Warriors Players as Pharrell-like characters. Rather than drawing them in single form, I ended up drawing a whole community of caricature we like to call "Lil' Dubz." I got everyone from the starting line up (Baron, Monta, Stephen) to the bench players (Barnes and Pietrus) including past favorites, the cheerleaders and even their Mascot!

Their was some popularity within the Golden State Community over these Lil' Dubz. We even sold them on-line and did quite well. (unhappy with Zazzle's marketing) I can see how folks liked the idea but I actually wanted to stop doing them. It's not my concept, and even if I tweaked or revamped certain elements, I just felt like I was piggy backing off of Pharrell's concept. It's great to see the Lil' Dubz represented in a different form but I didn't want to try and earn a living off of Pharrell's success!

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