Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We can't help it...

So! I couldn't help plug Me and the Wifey on my blogsite! (it's only right!)

For those of you that know us, we like going to Warrior Home Games with very big signs. As far as I'm concern sporting artistic signs are fun, they get folks to laugh and it helps me get extra exposure with the work I enjoy doing. It also gets the attention of various Basketball Players we want to meet. I take very careful consideration on what type of signs I make. They can be a hit or miss with fans and players and if there's too much going on, folks will shy away from trying to make any sense of it. When my illustrations work out to my advantage, everyone is happy... take for example Warriors Center Andris Biedrins and my Wife... Former Warriors Player Austin Croshere also enjoyed my concept... and when the followup season to our "We Believe" playoff run began, a Bay Area newspaper took notice of the skills... it pay's to be a little extra creative!

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  1. love your new blog!!
    keep the good stuff rolling
    jackson is my fave warrior♥