Saturday, January 26, 2013

First look: "SF Faithful" design

I was very picky in my latest 49ers inspired design. So much great stuffs out there, so I asked myself "how would I freak the design?" Set myself apart and stamp my signature style. While the Gang Starr inspiration was used in the past with another design that was pulled for personal reasons, it's time to start fresh and add that San Francisco touch with a sprinkle of hip-hop culture. The red shirt with the gold print made it a very exciting tee visually. The tag line "You know my steez" is the cherry on top connecting well with the "SF Faithful" headline.

My latest design "SF Faithful" will be available on-line Wednesday, January 30th and my studio will be open the Saturday before the Super Bowl from 11am-4pm. Limited stock is on hand. Congrats Niners!

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