Monday, June 27, 2011

First Look: Bay Area Barrel Man

Full color, front and back designs limited to only 36 prints. Available only through Tony.psd.

Ever since I launched Tony.psd as a clothing label 2 years ago, I initially wanted to put out a "Barrel man" design but kept pushing it back. I revisited the idea last Friday and when I finished the drawing, something was missing. The original brown colors I had used for the Barrel Man design over a black or white shirt just wasn't appealing for me. I wasn't a fan of tan colored shirts as well. A few years ago my buddy released a fabulous Barrel Man shirt as well and I didn't want to step on his toes creatively. So I tried out other color combinations and the idea of mashing it with the Golden State Warriors old school "City" logo grew on me because it worked well visually. Heck, I've toyed around with "The City" look for years, this just made it more amusing of mashing together 2 completely different ideas!

"Bay Area Barrel Man" is scheduled for a July release date. It's limited to 36 prints (pre-shrunk, A-Style branded shirts) and is set for $25 each. For more information, check out Tony.psd's official store.

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